Master in Eastern European languages ​​and cultures (UGent, Ghent)

Master in free visual arts (specialization: drawing, KASK, Ghent)

Teacher of Russian language in evening classes (CVO Ghent)

Teacher of Dutch as a second language (CVO Ghent)

Artist at studio bubus (Ostend)



Participation in Over land en water, Curated by Sjoerd Osinga, with Anne De Maesschalck (B), Tjibbe Hooghiemstra (N), Christiaan Kuitwaard (N), Maaike Leyn (B), Dave Meijer (N), Piet Moerman (B), Krin Rinsema (N), Bruno Van Dyck (B) en Peter Holvoet-Hanssens (B), Beernem

Participation in “Overkant“, with Tiemke Gauderis, Elke D'haenen, Peter Depelchin, Matthieu Lobelle, Oostende


Participation in “Impact van het hoogst onwaarschijnlijke”, Curated by Els Wuyts, Galerij Black Swan, Brugge

Participation in “Ce qui pèse et ce qui nourrit”, Contemporary Art Biennial, with Elly Strik, Carole Vanderlinden, Sofie Muller, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Hans Op De Beeck, … Curated by Reniere & Depla, Autun (FR)

Participation in “On the move”, Blanco, projectruimte Nucleo, Gent

Participation in “4+4”, Curated by Tuur Delodder, Kunstacademie Tielt


All at sea, with: Sonia Aniceto, Koen Fillet, Chris Vanderschaeghe, Tom Woestenborghs, Edith Ronse, Els Vos, Lisa Wilkens, organized by CAPS, Oostende


Trans-people. State of insecurity, Yermilov Centre, Charkov (UKR)

B.A.D. fair, Eskimo-fabriek, Gent

Maaike Leyn, Isidoor Godderis & Sven Verhaeghe, in De Directeurswoning, organized by CC De Spil, Roeselare

Mir Trud May, with: Debby Huysmans, Caroline Coolen, Natalia Drobot, Alexander Vilkin & Vika Begalska, Oostende

Teken aan de wand, with: Stijn Bastianen, Julie Booms, Lisa Wilkens, Ruimte 34, curator: Paul Poesmans, Antwerpen

Participation in “Sentimos”, Galerij S&H Debuck, Gent

Participation in “Drawing Room”, PAK, organized by Frank Demarest, Gistel

2015 2015, Artenova, Mechelen

We all dance to a mysterious tune, Solo exhibition in Galerie S&H De Buck, Gent

Participation in “The quest of power”, organized by Tania Antoshina, 6th Moscow Biennale, Moscow (RU)

Participation in “Transpeople and the state of insecurity”, organized by Vika Begalska, Charkov (UKR)

Participation in “Who is who”, Galerie S&H De Buck, Gent


Participation in “De dweil als alibi”, De Directeurswoning, organized by CC De Spil, Roeselare

Participation with 5 other artists to “Autour du dessin”, La Chataigneraie, Centre wallon d’art contemporain, Flémalle

Solo exhibition, “Entre Chien et Loup”, CC Gildhof, organized by Frederik Van Laere, Tielt

Participation in the “Drawing Room”, Pak, organized by Frank Demarest, Gistel

Residence in Cité des Arts, Paris (F)

Exhibition with Olga Jurgenson, “We are made of dust”, New Hall Art Collection, Cambridge (U.K.)

Open studio’s, Leopolskazerne, Gent

Useum, Gent


Solo exhibition in CC De Ververij, organized by Jan Leconte, Ronse

Group exhibition “Prestige II”, Jean-Baptiste Guinardstraat, University of Gent, Gent

Paradise II, group-exhibition at Galerie S&H De Buck, Gent

Curator of Echange (with 27 artists), project selected for Poppositions, Brass, Brussels

Participation in Art Transfo, curator: Hugo Brutin, Zwevegem

Participation in “The Big draw”, Galerie S&H De Buck, Gent

Participation and organization of “Cosmos on earth and in the sky” with Russian and Belgian artists, Galerie S&H De Buck, Gent

“There are stories of coincidence…”, group-exhibition, organized by Nucleo, curators: Mieke Mels and Laura Herman, Gent

Selected for the big drawing price, Ronse


Obtained diploma of master in the free arts, School of Arts, Kask, Gent

“After barking”, Solo exhibition in Galerie S&H De Buck, Gent

Open studio’s, Leopoldskazerne, organized by Nucleo, Gent

Group exhibition “Prestige I”, Elisabethbegijnhof, Gent

Participation in “V5, Cosmos as Presence”, organized by Archi Galentz, Berlin (D)

Participation in Happy House, organized by Sofie Teugels, Gent

Paradise, group-exhibition at Galerie S&H De Buck, introduction by Jan Hoet, Gent

Participation in Art Gent with Galerie S&H de Buck, Gent


Group-exhibition with ten students from KASK, Kunstakademie Muenster (D)

Solo exhibition, Back in time, Gent

Solo exhibition in Loods 22, accrochage by Hans Theys, Gent

Exhibition with Annouk Thys and Debby Huysmans in Cheburechnaya Druzhba, Moscow (RU)

Summer exhibition in Galerie S&H De Buck, Gent

Curator of Free Spaces, with work from Vika Begalska, Dimitri Kawarga, Debby Huysmans, Annouk Thys and Maaike Leyn, selected as parallel program of the Moscow Biennale, gallery Agency.Art Ru, Moscow (RU)

Group exhibition “De Connectie”, curated by Alan Quireyns and Frederik De Preester, Gent